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Useful Links

Horse Channel
A resource for horse news, training, breeds, expert advice, and more.

Dressage Today
A magazine focused on dressage riding and training.

Horse Collaborative
A resource site for equestrians.

Horse Listening
A collection of articles related to riding and training.

The Horses Maine
The Horses Maine is a newspaper with up-to-date information on horse happenings throughout the state of Maine.

Equusite: Beginner Basics
This is a guide to the basics of horse care and riding - important information for any horse owner or horse lover.

The Horse
This site is a resource for equine health care.

This is a link to the Maine Horse Association (MHA) website.

Horse.com is a source for all the supplies you need for you and your horse.

Links for Kids

Blaze Magazine
This site features articles and activities for horse-crazy kids.

Horses 4 Kids
Horses 4 Kids is a resource containing articles, stories, puzzles, and games about horses.

Horse Games
This site contains free online horse games!

Horse Course
Horse Course is an exploration of the world of horses through links to resources and videos on horse care, breeds, drawing, etc.

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